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Special Offer!
Flute, sax or cello classes: 50% off! for only 44€/month: 30 minutes a week, 29€month/20 minutes a week.
choral singing, kids choir, teen choir, adults choir, gospel.
Choral Singing
Come and sing with us! This upcoming October we offer 4 different singing choirs: the kids choir, a teen choir, […]
Flamenco Guitar Workshop
Professor: Miguel Fornell Weekly, two hour lessons Fridays 18h45-19h45 Theory Fridays 19h45-20h45 Practice Price: 100 € / month (3 persons) / […]
Jordi Foto
Introduction to Music by Audition
YEAR 2016 – 2017: by Jordi Parramon The first thing that has to be said is that in order to […]
Music for Babies
    Anna Giménez “Fathers and mothers! We offer an activity where techniques of music therapy are applied where you can […]